Paytm KYC Online Fraud Alert ! Do Not Use These Apps !

Paytm Warning – Paytm KYC Online Fraud

If you use Paytm wallet on mobile and want to keep your money safe, then do not ignore this warning of Paytm. Paytm has issued a warning to the users using mobile, saying that be cautious while providing KYC of your PAYTM account. Because a lot of consumers are using remote applications for KYC like apps like AnDesk or Quick Support. Paytm advised issuing notifications that KYC Do not download these apps while doing this. The notification says that through these apps, fraudsters can steal all the money from the consumer’s account.

Banks also warned

A few days ago a lot of banks also warned not to use these remote apps such as AnDesk and TeamViewer etc. as there have been a lot of cases of frauds from these apps in the last few months. The country’s largest Reserve Bank of India also issued a warning, asking people to be careful with these apps. Other major banks of the country such as HDFC, ICICI and Axis Bank also advised customers not to download these apps.

What are remote apps?

These remote apps, anDesk and teamviewer, etc. are neither malicious nor do they leak the customer’s details. Both of these apps are quite useful for the IT sector. Through these apps, Tech Professionals can sit for a lot of work from anywhere and can run other devices remotely via the Internet. You can also call these remote apps screen sharing apps in easy language.

How do fraudsters misuse remote apps

Fraudsters call their victims as fake bank executives. During the phone conversation, they tell the customer about any problem related to the bank account. And it is said that if you do not follow the steps given by them, then your net banking facility can be blocked. The block tells all the information about the bank.

The fraudster is asked to install the remote app

These thugs force the remote app (Anne’s desk or Teamviewer) to be installed in the mobile when the customer is caught in the fraud. After the app is installed in the consumer’s mobile, they ask for the secret code number that came for verification of the remote app. This is the password or code through which these thugs get the full control of their victim’s mobile or computer. And after this, these fraudsters constantly monitor the screen of the user’s mobile device.

Steals all the secret information of the user

Once you control the screen, these thieves record every activity of your mobile with them. After downloading these apps, whenever customers make payments through Mobile Banking, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe or UPI, these thieves steal their login details very easily. And take away all the money.

How to survive these fraudsters

If you also want to avoid these thugs, then you have to use these remote apps with great care. You should download and install the remote desktop app only if it is very important. And as long as you know how these apps work Do not use them unless you understand it from the right flag. And always remember that no bank or payment wallet ever asks their customer to download this type of app on the phone.

If you use the mobile carefully and do not use any useless app, then you will always be safe. and call Paytm Customer Care Nuber (paytm हेल्पलाइन नंबर टोल फ्री) for more details. 

Updated: 9th September 2019 — 4:20 pm

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